5 Most Common Mobile Device Failures Explained

Our mobile devices are much more than just phones. They can make or receive calls, as well as do texting. But let’s face it, they aren’t perfect. These days, we’ve heard about or experienced tons of the mobile device problems. In fact, it’s the reason why most manufacturers are working day and night to better their products and outcompete their competitors. However, as these devices continue to increase, so too are the number of issues associated with them. But how do we overcome these problems? Below are the most common mobile device failures and how we can overcome them. 

1. Battery Drain :

Almost everyone has had an issue with battery drain. Maybe due to keeping apps running when not in use, or due to the wearing out of the battery. Irrespective of the cause, it can slow down your device. Therefore, it is best that you close all apps after use or those that are not in use. Go to settings, click on “location” and select battery-saving mode to close down the unnecessary running apps. 

2. A frozen and Slow User Interface :

Mobile devices usually begin to slow down when their internal storage fills up. Probably due to the pilling up of unused apps, photos, music files or even documents. Occasionally, the device will freeze or may fail to read apps. Deleting files you no longer use or clearing up the cache, therefore, will come in handy. Alternatively, you can move them to a micro SD card or the cloud to free up some space. Watch More : http://truegiftsuk.com/

3. Overheating :

Even when not charging, mobile devices can often get quite warm. Sometimes due to high CPU-sucking apps or a manufacturing defect. If this happens, therefore, it is best that you get it looked at by an expert. If however, it gets hot when charging, try not to use it until it is done charging. 

4. App crashes :

Apps crash due to several reasons, but the most common is due to the use of older versions. If there’s a newer version, therefore, install it. If not so, force-close the app then try to reopen it. 

5. Connectivity Problems :

Common connectivity-related issues range from the Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth to cellular network connectivity. If you are having any of the above problems, try enabling the Airplane mode for some seconds or toggle it off then try reconnecting again. If the issues persist, however, try repairing, setting up the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface again. 

Of course, these problems can be fixed without necessarily sending the device back to the manufacturer’s service center. Again, mobile devices may have a lot of features, but which we hardly use. It is, therefore, best that you keep only the apps you need and install updates as soon as you get notifications.

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