When And How To Perform Data Recovery On Android?

Today mobile phones have become almost “disposable” objects with an average lifespan of 2 to 3 years. However, think that it is possible to recover the data from its memory before going through the trash box. As with Data Recovery on hard drives, you must first distinguish between operations that you can do yourself and operations that require a visit to the laboratory.

Data recovery from internal memory :

For failed phones where all data is located on the external micro SD card , no complicated intervention is required. Simply remove it from the smartphone and insert it into the replacement phone or into a computer card reader. If the memory card is damaged (card no longer detected or asks to be formatted), this is a completely different matter that will require intervention in the memory card data recovery laboratory .

For defective phones or phones that no longer light up, whose data is stored in the phone’s internal memory , there you have to know the origin of the breakdown before going any further in the process.

For a simple glass or broken touchscreen problem :

You can use software on your Mac/PC to try to extract the content without going through the phone screen. All smartphones are not housed in the same boat. As part of a functional device and turned on: some phones easily allow the connection to the data it contains to an external device; others are protected and require the prior installation of drivers, Android ADB or Fastboot.

– AirDroid :

Also available online, it is French for those who are angry with the language of Shakespeare. After connecting your account with the same Gmail account of your phone, the functions “transfer files”, “uninstall applications” and of course “backup” will be placed on your mobile. By clicking on the latter, all your data will be saved on your PC.

Data Recovery

– Vysor :

This version is multi-OS: it works on Windows, Mac or Linux. Only a USB cable will be needed to the phone. In terms of Android data recovery software, we still recommend AirDroid. Wider in terms of options, it will help you in many situations.

No longer turns on or significant physical damage :

If the phone no longer has any display or if the motherboard is degraded, we recommend that you do not handle it any longer and entrust it to a laboratory. The first thing to keep in mind is that a phone does not make any noise. Electrically powered, it can work without you seeing any action .

Let’s take a concrete case: several times a year, we receive physically degraded smartphones, we resume access after a repair favorable to Youtube data recovery, unfortunately by handling it before our intervention, the phone believed to receive seizure attempts unlock codes . Beyond a certain number, the telephone is “bricked” for security and condemns with it the data of its user. Another case: Trying to turn on the phone after it has fallen into water to check if it is still working. Needless to say that water and electricity do not mix.

You should also keep in mind that a phone stores its data on a memory chip. Memory chips work with a system of pages, where the hard disk works with a system of sectors . A deleted or inaccessible page can be recovered in the laboratory (called artifact analysis ), on the other hand, once overloaded with new data, the old page is permanently lost. Thus, each clumsy action (launch software, root, restart the device X times, leave it on, etc.)

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