Data Recovery : The Best Causes, Solution And Services

Data Recovery’ involves whenever there is a failure of operating system or any damage to the storage disk due to accident. Data recovery simply aims to transfer the data from the corrupted one to another new disk. Storage media such as hard disk drives (internal or external), SSD (solid state drives), USB drives, CDs, DVDs, storage tapes, and other storage devices often get damaged and recovery is required on the file system. Thus, the process of restoring and getting back the data from the failed, corrupted and damaged storage media is known as data recovery.

Recovery can be easily accomplished with the use of Live CD, which provides a means to mount the backup disk or any removable media, and move the files from the system drive to the backup media by using file manager or authoring software’s.

Sometimes there can be also disk level failure, which is hard disk failure. In this kind of situations, it is difficult to read data and thus involves repairing of the file system according to the situation. There could be both software and hardware based recovery of data that is corrupted. If the data is corrupted permanently, then the recovery is costly and time taking, in that case it is better to do hardware replacement on damaged disk.

Data Recovery

Another scenario, there are also some cases where the data (files) have been deleted from the storage medium. Whenever we delete a file it is not removed immediately from the storage media, only reference to them in the directory structure is deleted and thus the space is made available for further overwriting. Thus the data or the deleted file can be recovered as the file remains there in a number of disconnected fragments.

Recovering a data involves multiple techniques. If a disk drive results in a logical damage, then it requires software level of solutions having no problem with the hardware. In case of logical damage, disk imaging procedure is used to recover the readable bit from the disk surface, where the image gets acquired and transferred to another reliable medium whereas some damages can be repaired by replacing parts of the disk drives. In this the damaged PCB (printed circuit board) is replaced with the identical PCB of the working drive during the recovery procedure.

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