Data Recovery bug exposes data of 10000 users.

The security of close to 10000 twitter users may have been compromised as Data Recovery announced a flaw in the website that affected it in a span of about 24 hours. The password recovery feature in the website got affected, allowing for people to be able to access personal details of any person including personal contacts, passwords and email addresses which could then be used to access the accounts. The breach allowed other people to view this information when checking if an email had been registered. 

In a statement released via a blog by twitter, the matter was resolved and twitter seemed convincingly sorry for the possible havoc it had caused. Twitter went on to state that it will inform the users who may have bene affected by the bug. In addition, Twitter promised to suspend and completely ban anyone who may have taken advantage of the situation from the social media site. Thorough investigations have been launched and legal action will also be taken against those involved. 

The possible number of users that may have been affected by the bug was estimated to be a maximum of 10000 in the worst case scenario. Contrasting this to the over 305 million users of the site every month, it seems like a drop in the ocean. But twitter still insisted on taking this matter Youtube data seriously. A statement released also explains that the bug may have possibly affected no user in the case that no one noticed that it was there. This was in the best case scenario. The possibility of no user having being affected is almost next to nil though. An internet user was found bragging how he had hacked into twitter and obtained information about users.

In the wake of all this, twitter took to the internet to remind its users the importance of good internet practice. There are a lot of security options offered that the users can use. The users were reminded to use strong passwords, use the twitter application and avoid using other apps to access the site, to check the login history in case of any suspicion and to use the password reset feature vigilantly. Twitter also asks users to provide users with the option of sending to their phones a one-time code that they can use to verify their account. It asked users to take advantage of this. On its part, twitter has also tried to improve users’ security by informing them in case of any suspicious activity in their accounts. 

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